Spring 2011

Attention Canoeists

What a difference a year makes – Two photos taken from the same spot
over the Temagami River

May 4, 2010

May 14, 2011

Fishing season is here and the Healy nephews have the early lead in the Childrens’ Fish Contest

Like something from the depths shoals are appearing through  the ice on April 7

A nice day to sit and read on April 7

The TLA dock is finally clear – note snowmobile trail heading towards Loon Lodge

Spring is here and the maple sap is running

Time to bring in some more water.

Break ins continue to plague lake residents – This boathouse door was kicked in.

Harold Keevil sends along some pictures taken March 26 of some of Temagami’s environmental hotspots by the Friends of Temagami “Airforce”.

Some of these show how close the environmental destruction by clearcutting comes to the area’s waterways.  Others show newly threatened treasures.

We invited Friends of Temagami to speak at this year’s AGM at Camp Wabun on July 29.
See  http://www.panoramio.com/user/5711767

One of these photos is shown below

A new parking lot for use of the Bear Island community can be seen here between the Manitou and Mine Landings.

March 20 – A significant thaw was followed by a deep freeze – a young person could go mile on skates.

March 18 – March Break and the sun is out with perfect travelling conditions.

FEB.12 – Ling Fling in support of the Temagami Fish Improvement Program (hatchery)

A sunny day, good food, good friends and a good time – thanks to France Gingras for sending the photos

Jan. 31 – What a great day, – 30 C , to walk around the Island.

Blowing snow obscures a bright sun – looking south NW Arm on Jan. 18

Winds of December take toll on trees on many Islands

Otter tracks in SW Arm on Jan. 11

South West arm from Island 660 on Jan. 11

Looking towards North Arm from Garden Island on Jan. 9

Winter is here, the sun is out and travelling is good

Strong North winds before freeze up leaves tons of ice on some

dock such as the Wabun dock below in two photos

This was sent in by the Hyde family on 1076 – I could not resist sharing it with you

all – 23 cases of beer – six guys in the 1940’s we figure

Ron Miller sends a couple of photos from the air on Dec. 27.  I am waiting for safe travel to gointo my property on Garden Is. but this photo does not encourage me yet around my dock.

Things don’t look much better around Keewaydin and Kokomis either

Dec. 21 – ice all over except for part of Shiningwood Bay and the North Arm – thanks to Allan Eustis

– Lake Temagami is just above large cloud formation on left side of photo

On Dec. 17 the landing is frozen in, as are a couple of boats – photo Bob Farr

The Bear Island air boat/taxi is seen at the Mine Landing on Dec. 17- photo Bob Farr

On Dec. 14 Gerry Gooderham sends photos of high winds and broken ice – ice travel

predicted from Bear Island to landing sometime this weekend

Steel Boat navigates broken ice

Dec. 11 satellite image shows NE Arm with ice

Dec. 11 satellite image shows NE Arm with ice

Breaking ice leaving Mine Landing on Dec. 9

Fall colours at the entrance to Spawning Bay

John Magladery sends this view from Is. 472 on Sept. 21

Early morning fog on Sept.17 heralds a beautiful day to come

A pair of bald eagles have been frequently spotted on the shoals

opposite Ket-Chun-Eny Lodge this summer.

This one was photographed by Trisha Healy on Garden Island resting, but alert,

on a very tall but dead red pine.

2010 Childrens’ Fishing Contest Winner

Colin White Is. 388 and Will Morley Is. 166

Jordan Rouqoor Is. 1091

Wabikon War Canoe takes to the water


Thunderstorms bring much needed water and spectacular sunsets

Lower water levels result in larger properties – don’t tell MPAC

Massive beaver lodge near Temagami Island Old Growth trail access

Access to Old Growth forest trail on Temagami Island has been improved somewhat