TLA Business

The Temagami Lakes Region is an area where humanity and nature are striving to live harmoniously together. Its forests and waters are centuries old. It contains and supports a community that prizes the region for its recreational and aesthetic values. These values include the preservation of the skyline reserve, limited road access and no mainland development. All of this is based on cultural and historic significance.

The Temagami Lakes Association (TLA) is dedicated to preserving the natural scenic beauty of Lake Temagami and its surroundings; it it concerned in maintaining and improving the health, safety and welfare of its residents so that they may continue to live in harmony with each other and with the forests and waters around them.

The TLA consists of cottagers, permanent Lake residents, community members, local businesses and youth camps. The objectives of the TLA include:

(a) To advance, promote and protect the common interests, proprietary and otherwise, and the welfare of seasonal and other residents and owners of lands on or near Lake Temagami, nearby lakes and the vicinity.

(b) To advance, promote, maintain and sponsor the preservation, restoration and protection of natural and scenic beauty, fish, wildlife and the water quality of the area.

(c) To advance, promote, maintain and sponsor conditions of health, sanitation, safety and general welfare in the Temagami area.

(d) To receive, acquire and hold gifts, donations, devices and bequests.