TLA initiates ‘adopt-a-campsite’ program

As a member of the MNR’s Temagami Crown Land Maintenance Partnership, the TLA is committed to helping keep Temagami’s campsites beautiful. The TLA Campsite Clean-up program is now in full swing.   All members are encouraged to stop in to their favourite campsite before the end of the summer, inventory its condition, and pack up any garbage left on the site.  Campsite Cleanup forms are available here.

TLA staff members have visited approximately 130 campsites of 175 on Lake Temagami, noting condition of the site, presence of signage, privy existence and state, and collecting garbage. Sites requiring new privies or repairs were identified and are in the process of being remedied this summer. Once all the campsites have been identified and GPS location recorded, a campsite map will be prepared.