Join the TLA


We encourage everyone to renew their annual Temagami Lakes Association (TLA) memberships in January of each year (although new members are welcome to sign up at any time).

“Class A” (property owner), “Class F” (family member), “Class C” (commercial), “Class B” (supporting), and “Class D” (children under 18 years-of-age) memberships enable people to financially support the TLA and its many activities. All members are listed in our annual Membership Directory.

If you haven’t already done so, please consider joining the Temagami Lakes Association in 2024. Here are some payment options:

  1. Complete the 2024 TLA Membership Form, and send payment via e-transfer to
  2. Join online, and make a payment through PayPal or e-transfer.
  3. Phone the Administrative Coordinator at 705-237-8927, and pay by credit card.
  4. Send a completed membership form via standard mail, along with a cheque or credit-card number.

Why join the TLA?

Services Available to TLA Members (2024)

A 2019 membership survey revealed that the two most important issues for TLA members were promotion/protection of the “Tenets for Temagami” and environmental protection and advocacy (including invasive species and water quality).

To this end, the TLA monitors planning, legislation, and development applications within the Municipality of Temagami (e.g., the new “Official Plan” in 2024) that may pose a threat to the “Tenets”, and, when necessary, utilizes the services of a professional planner. The Association monitors and provides advocacy regarding taxation and other municipal issues, as well.

Water-quality work is an important, but expensive, initiative. Temagami Environmental Research and Stewardship (TERAS) volunteers have taken on the role of completing annual water testing at various sites on the Lake. The financial support of our members is key and allows water-quality indicators to be measured and changes to be tracked over time.

Other environmental initiatives and advocacy are also core functions of the TLA and over the years have included:

TLA Headquarters Building Services – Summer 2024

The Headquarters Building is located in the hub of the Lake – on the mainland shore between Loon Lodge and the Manitou Landing. It is accessible by land and water.

The schedule for July and August of 2024 is currently being developed, but services for members will include:

  • daily, VHF, marine-radio announcements (including weather reports) on Channel 68 (N.B., Messages can be relayed between VHF radios on the Lake and a telephone landline at the HQ, and an annual donation of $45.00 is requested from those who use this service.)
  • mail (incoming and outgoing) for TLA members on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the afternoon
  • WiFi access inside the HQ, or outside the front door – even when the building is closed (contact for the password)
  • merchandise sales
  • copies of the Summer 2024 Temagami Times newspaper
  • outdoor privy

It’s always a good idea to phone ahead (705-237-8927) – to ensure that the HQ staff will be on site when you arrive.

When requested, please follow COVID-19 precautions while at the TLA building. Wear a mask if you must go inside, maintain physical distancing of at least 2 m (6 feet), and practice good hand hygiene.