Regulating Excessively-Loud Boats


The Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations is a member of the Decibel Coalition. Since 2019, this group has been working to address the growing number of concerns about excessively-loud boats. The Coalition wants Transport Canada (TC) to enhance their regulations to include decibel limits on boat-motor noise, as many other jurisdictions around the world (e.g., the USA and EU) have done.

What You Can Do:

  1. TC has launched their “Let’s Talk” web portal on boat-mufflers and excessive noise. Review a cover letter with positioning information and your call-to-action from the Decibel Coalition. Then visit the “Let’s Talk” web portal, review other comments, and add your own by May 13, 2022. The Coalition is recommending “Option 5: Introduce performance standards (i.e., decibel limits) for manufacturers and vessel operators to follow”.
  2. Write your federal Members of Parliament / MPs and ask them to support these regulatory changes. Use a tool on the Safe Quiet Lakes webpage to generate letters to the appropriate MPs that can be personalized before sending.
  3. Share this information with your fellow members!
  4. Learn more about the Decibel Coalition online – with resources, such as “How do I know if my boat is too noisy?”