Lake Temagami Waste Management Proposal (April 2023)


You are invited to review the Municipality of Temagami’s “Lake Temagami Waste Management Proposal (April 2023)”, which was received on Monday, April 24th.

In this proposal, you will find that some significant changes are being proposed for 2023. This includes a reduction in operating hours for the Lake Temagami Access Point Transfer Station from 7 days/week to 5 days/week, and from 24 hours/day access to 3 or 6 hours/day access (for a total of only 24 hours/week). The Briggs Landfill Site will also have reduced hours.

In addtion, there will be an increase in taxes for Lake residents (see chart of “2023 Financial Implications on Users”), which will depend on the assessed value of your property. The Municipality of Temagami – 2023 Draft Budget describes these tax increases (and other issues) in further detail.

TLA member, Daniel Buckles, has been the Association’s representative for the Municipal “Waste Management Working Group”. He provided some excellent feedback to the Municipality’s proposed changes in late 2022 in this letter to Council: Lake Temagami Waste Management Proposal – TLA Comments (November 1, 2022)

Please take a few minutes to e-mail your comments on this proposal to the Municipality of Temagami at: Comments must be submitted by Thursday, May 4, 2023 (to be reviewed at the May 11th Council meeting).