“Adopt a Campsite” Program 2023


The Temagami Lakes Association has partnered with Friends of Temagami (FoT) on an important project.

FoT built 14 thunderboxes specifically for Lake Temagami, as part of their initiative to install 30 to 40 of these design wonders across the region in 2023. The thunderboxes have been delivered to the TLA Headquarters Building as prefabricated packages, with easy-to-assemble instructions, shovels, and campsite privy signs included.

Thunderbox kits sit outside the TLA Headquarters building.

We are looking for TLA members or other residents to pick up the thunderbox kits and install them at campsites of your choosing around the Lake. Ideally, a spade should be left on each site to allow for easy relocation of its thunderbox, as the need arises.

Spades (and campsite privy signs) are also available at the TLA building.

The TLA is also beginning to update the existing catalogue of Lake Temagami campsites. We ask that interested Lake residents examine the campsites near your islands and send information about them to tla@onlink.net. Please include photos, the site location (with longitude/latitude, or an X on a map), a description of the site’s condition, and a notation about the presence or absence of a thunderbox.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated!!