Loon Lodge Transition Completed (September 1, 2020)

A note from Loon Lodge’s new proprietors:

“Today was a big day for Kayla and I! We officially own Loon Lodge!!!🍾🥳 John and Jenny and the rest of the Moskwa family have been so kind welcoming us to the lake and teaching us sooo much in a short period of time! They really made us feel like family. We are starting to learn this lake seems like one big family. Everyone is so happy and helpful, I guess no matter where you’re from out here, we all have one thing in common, we all live on an island! As my wife and I are slowly figuring out, it takes a different breed for the island life but we are loving it!🌴 Lake Temagami is such an amazing place to call home and thanks once again John and Jenny being such big part of the dream becoming a reality! You two are truly amazing!

On another note the Snack Bar will now be closed until June next year. But we will still be offering meal plans for our guests. Keep posted to our page for updates on when we will re open. We hope to keep a lot of the crowd favourites while adding a few new items to the menu next year! Don’t be strangers and feel free to pop in! Looking forward to meeting everyone!    Kayla, Hannah and Adam  Pugh”