Update From Leepfrog Telecom Ltd. on Broadband Service for Lake Temagami


Here is an update from Leepfrog Telecom Ltd. (www.leepfrogtelecom.com) on the status of the broadband on Lake Temagami.

Completing the project was quite a task due to supply-chain issues that have plagued so many parts of the economy. As of mid-October, Leepfrog has connected residents on over 15 islands. They will now be in a position to start installations in May 2023 when seasonal cottagers return. Seasonal packages are available. Leepfrog will continue to make installations for permanent residents year round.

Leepfrog has found numerous “shadow” areas caused by the high terrain on islands. This has resulted in signal quality which is below their standards. Addressing the situation will be a work in process over the next few seasons, so that coverage will be available in all areas of the Lake. Some cottage residents have suggested that Leepfrog place mini towers on their properties to retransmit to other areas of the Lake which are not currently receiving quality signal strength. Mayor Dan O’Mara has also been extremely helpful in this regard. This indicates the good will between Lake residents and a willingness to help out one another.

During the weekend of October 8, 2022, Leepfrog was able to upgrade its network. The throughput [amount of data going through the system] was increased by 20 to 30%. This means that connections that were weak on our first visit or not connected may now be connectable.

Another impediment that restricts the coverage area is a regulatory issue on the use of power for equipment. Leepfrog is required to transmit at much lower power levels than incumbent providers for broadband services. Leepfrog has already approached Industry Canada to inquire if this regulation can be relaxed or dropped entirely. This would have an immediate improvement for the shadow areas and extend service further from the tower location.

Leepfrog is hoping to have a new TVWS-related technology available for service early in 2023. [This technology uses TV “white space” or unused frequencies.] It will allow for higher speeds and offer a slightly larger footprint.

As Leepfrog approaches capacity for the different technologies on the tower, they will also add additional radios at a higher height on the tower to increase the size of its footprint.

Leepfrog would like to thank the residents of Temagami for their support. They will keep you apprised of any significant developments.