Submissions to Winter 2023 Edition of the Temagami Times


If you are a seasonal or year-round resident of the Temagami area, we invite you to consider making a submission to the upcoming Winter 2023 edition of the Temagami Times newspaper. Please share your experiences, events, and/or Lake history.

The deadline is Sunday, January 15th, and all submissions are subject to editorial review. If you want to submit something, but can’t make the deadline, please let me know.

Articles are typically 500 to 700 words in length and should be in Word format.

Any photos/tables/graphs must be high-resolution PDF, TIFF, or JPEG images – with a minimum of 200 dpi (dots per inch) at 100%. Typically, this means a file size of at least 1,000 kb for photos. Also, please send images as separate attachments (i.e., not imbedded in articles or e-mails), and include a title and photographer/source for each image.

If you have any questions, contact Linda at