Seasonal Residents May Lose Some Rights as Elected Councillors (October 2018 Update)


At its September 27, 2018 meeting, a majority of the Temagami Municipal Council who were present – Debbie Burrows, Ron Prefasi, John Harding, and Dan O’Mara – voted to limit the opportunities for seasonal residents to participate as Municipal Councillors.

The 4-2 vote, with Mayor Lori Hunter and Councillor Carol Lowery opposed, directed staff to bring forward a by-law to a future Council meeting that would limit an elected Councillor’s right to attend and vote electronically at Municipal Council meetings. This would disproportionately affect seasonal residents who are elected as Councillors.

At this time, due to the ongoing election, it appears that the newly elected Council would have to endorse/approve such a by-law.