Please Consider Joining the Temagami Lakes Association


If you’ve never been a member, haven’t renewed your membership in a while, or are family of someone who is currently a member, please consider joining the Temagami Lakes Association (TLA).


Property Patrols:

  • Service A (Spring and Fall): $70.00
  • Service B (January and March): $70.00
  • Service C (January, March, Spring, and Fall): $130.00

Evidence of break-ins, damage, or other concerns will be reported to affected property owners, their designated caretakers, and/or the police.

Environmental and Planning Issues:

The TLA actively represents the interests of its members by monitoring, and responding to, local issues (e.g., environmental concerns, water quality, municipal planning and services).

A planning consultant has been hired by the TLA to help ensure that the values of the Association – particularly the preservation of the “Tenets for Temagami” – are upheld during the process of revising the Municipality of Temagami’s “Official Plan” in 2023 and 2024.

TLA Publications:

  • Temagami Times: highlights TLA and other local activities (Winter, Summer, and Fall issues each year)
  • Membership Directory: contains listings of member names, addresses, island numbers, and Lake communities

Discounts on Merchandise:

TLA members receive discounts on Association merchandise:

  • 2021 Lake Temagami shoal maps: $30.00 (regular price: $40.00)
  • 75th-anniversary, decorative wall maps of Lake Temagami: $25.00 (regular price: $35.00)
  • TLA: The Life and Times of a Cottage Community books: $15.00 (regular price: $40.00)
  • Temagami Cooks cookbooks: $5.00 (regular price: $30.00)

Headquarters Building Services:

The Headquarters Building is located in the hub of the Lake – on the mainland shoreline between Loon Lodge and the Manitou Landing. It is accessible by land and water. The 2024 staffing schedule will be posted on our website when it becomes available. Services for members will likely include:

  • daily, VHF, marine-radio announcements on Channel 68
  • incoming and outgoing mail
  • WiFi
  • merchandise sales
  • outdoor privy

TLA membership forms can be found at this link:

If you have any questions, please contact the Association at