Ontario Power Generation Water-Level Monitoring Equipment

In an effort to refine its management of water levels on Lake Temagami going forward, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) made a request to install water-level monitoring equipment on the TLA property to supplement what has been in place in the Town of Temagami (near the O.P.P. station) for many decades. The purpose of this apparatus is to acquire data (every few hours), which will permit more accurate monitoring of the water levels on the Lake.

The equipment consists of a solar panel, a battery, and small computer connected to a probe in the water (which has a pressure transmitter). The probe is smaller in size than a man’s wallet and sits on the lake bottom. There is also a staff gauge (similar to a steel yardstick), which lies flat against the end of the TLA’s fixed dock and provides a visual indication of the water level.

The OPG is proposing temporary installation of the monitoring apparatus for the next few months. If the TLA location proves favourable, the equipment could then be bolted more permanently into the bedrock, and a 2’ x 2’ cement block would be put in place to house the computer.

Here are some images of the set-up: