“Lake Temagami Shoreline Clean-Up Challenge” 2023: Children’s Category Winners


The “Lake Temagami Shoreline Clean-Up Challenge” 2023 went very well.

11 of the 45 entries were in the “Children’s” category. We very much appreciated the time and effort devoted to this challenge by these amazing young people. Cash prizes were awarded to all of the children who participated.

We would like to thank John Shymko, who generously contributed $250.00 cash to this end. ($50.00 was also provided by the TLA.)

Here is a peek at the prize winners, along with some of the trash they collected:

Seija Belanger retrieved a large plastic pipe from the water at the Temagami Town docks.

Elliot Belanger used a magnet to collect numerous metal objects from the Lake.    

Fiona and Heidi Healy cleaned up campsites in Kokoko Bay.

Misha S. collected several kayaks worth of trash from the bays near Island 725.

Maple Violet Moore collected several pieces of plastic near the shoreline of Garden Island.

Alexandra and Esme Smith collected Styrofoam along the Lake Temagami shoreline.

The many items collected by Alexandra and Esme are laid out on a dock.

This is some of the trash collected by Rebeccah Bancroft, while swimming at the Sharp Rock north entrance.