Information from June 8, 2023 TLA “Town Hall”


Dear TLA Members:

Many thanks to those who logged into our recent, virtual “Town Hall” that discussed eco-tourism-focused business on Lake Temagami, and featured Dominique Nobes (Temagami Outdoors and Cottage Care), Ryan Smith (Chic Shore), and Adam Pugh (Loon Lodge). The meeting was extremely informative, and the TLA thanks these operators for their participation and for their efforts to responsibly bring business and economic drivers to the Municipality, while being good stewards of the Lake.

You can watch or listen to a recording of the entire event at the following links (which are available until July 8, 2023):

Video Link

Audio Link

We strongly encourage you to watch or listen to the “Town Hall” to learn more about Dominique, Adam, and Ryan, and to better understand how they operate.

Here are some notes taken by the TLA from each operator’s answers: June 8, 2023 TLA “Town Hall”