Gerry Gooderham Survives Weak Ice Incident

Through the ice on Lake Temagami! From Gerry Gooderham

Don’t listen to my advice about thin ice. I obviously do not heed my own words. This happened after a week of travel on this trail, ice is down to 1″ where I went through yesterday. Lake levels are rising and there is a lot of snow on thin ice. Lucky the ski caught on slush ice or we would have gone to the bottom. I broke 50′ before I jumped. Thanks John Harding and Paul Forsyth for helping me today.

I was alone out there, TG I used my resources, went to the bush and found a log and tied a log onto the sled to keep it from sinking. Crawled on my stomach to the sled and tied on the log. Hahah luck pure luck it did not sink!

I left the machine overnight and called 2 friends, they helped me this morning… ya I  lived on the lake full time since 1973, been 30 years since I did this.”