Fire and Storm Update

Peter Healy reports that severe winds on Thursday evening and Friday morning fanned fires but all are under control.

Thunderstorms late Thursday afternoon started a fire near the entrance to Kokoko Bay but quick response initiated by Barett at Temagami Electric rallied volunteers to deal with it.  When I arrived all was under control with many extra volunteers nearby to help if needed. Friday brought a message from Obabika Inlet of a fire on the mainland which must have been festering overnight.  Volunteers from Russells (1092)  received a radio call after TLA office hours from the Thomsons on 1136 about a fire on the mainland.  Without telephone messaging available, MNRF was contacted, the Russells sent a boat to assess, and MNRF was advised that the situation was non life or property threatening.  MNRF will so what they do so well.

On another note our condolences to the owner of the vehicle pictured above thanks to a photo from Samantha Gebler, a family member from Island 1092.  The high winds Thursday evening and Friday morning remind us all that trees do come down, even if we don’t hear them.  The Geblers have offered a ride home to the owners of the vehicle if require as they live nearby according to the plate number.