Break-Up Watch 2024


The TLA is continuing a 20+ year tradition of monitoring ice break-up on Lake Temagami. Warm weather and consistently-poor ice conditions this winter portend an early ice-out date for 2024.

We have our stalwart team of reporters stationed in the South, Southwest, North Arms, and the Hub sharing boots-on-the-ground progress. In addition, we look forward to providing drone, aircraft, and satellite imagery, weather permitting.

Our expert observers and their “Official Ice-Out” predictions are as follows:

  • Bob Farr (Bear Island):
  • Jackie Hodgins (Wanapitei): April 22
  • Don Johnson (SW Arm): April 21
  • Nolan Jorgenson (SW Arm): April 18
  • Aaron Nelles (Bear Island): April 20
  • Bruce Rice (South Arm): April 14
  • Sacha Stephens (Western Hub): April 22
  • Penny St. Germain (Wabikon): April 19

Note: Our definition of ice-out is no remaining ice on Lake Temagami. Ice-out last year was May 8th.

Stay tuned for regular updates on the TLA website, TLA Member Community (, Temagami Talk, and Our Temagami Facebook pages.

Comprehensive historical data is available on the TLA website:

Paul Tamburro