Break-Ins on Lake Temagami

In the past couple of weeks 4 cottage break ins have been reported. The OPP constable in charge delivered the following statement to Councillor Dan O’Mara.

I just wanted to also reassure you that the OPP is currently working collaboratively with the Bear Island Police in a joint effort to get the people responsible for these crimes to justice.  As the Inspector pointed out that for safety reasons the OPP may not be doing proactive patrols on the lake this time of year, I wanted to let you know that there is currently other ongoing efforts that are being taken place in the Temagami area that cannot be disclosed.  As frustrating as the situation is at the moment for the cottagers and resident of lake Temagami, myself and the rest of the local policing community feel the same frustrations.  We are currently utilizing as many resources we have available to us to do full, safe and thorough investigations in all these occurrences.  I truly believe that our joint effort to battle property crime in this area is having an effect in reducing property crime.  At this time we need to be more focused on the task at hand where as a collective we will be more effective in getting these individuals to justice.