Winter 2013

No animal tracks in this photo …

Break ins continue to plague us

Another Sunny Day in March

a sunny day in March

Looking Beyond photo by Bob Olajos

tree1- Bob Olajos

Another Perspective photo by Bob Olajos

tree2-Bob Olajos

100 Face Cords of Maple

100 face cords of maple

Delivering Wood to the Island

delivering wood to the Island

Slide Rock Towards North Arm

slide rock towards north arm

The Treeline Trail Home

the treeline trail home

Keeping the Trail Open is Ongoing

Hard to keep trail open

Digging out the snowmobile trail

Digging out the snowmobile trail

Snowdrifts are higher than woodpiles

Snow drift is higher than woodpiles

Outhouse in snow

outhouse in snow

Trail down to lake

Trail down to lake

Two early winter photos courtesy of Ron Miller