Winter 2011

Great travelling on Tuesday Feb 28, 2012

Ice fishing on Lake Temagami on a sunny day – it’s not about the fish you catch.

What a beautiful morning around the bird feeder on Garden Island.

Birdfeeder in Feb 2012

Let the Sun Shine In

“Where none have gone before Jan. 25”

Where none have gone before Jan. 25

Jan. 25, 2012 in the sun

The male pine grosbeak is one of many winter birds crowding my feeder here on Garden Island.


stuck in the sluSh Jan 18, 2012

stuck in the sluch Jan 18, 2012

First plough on the lake at the Mine Landing January 14, 2012

Jan. 14 looking towards north arm

Lots of snow – slush is coming up

Snowmobile trail home

wind creates drifts at the door

January 9, 2012 – Slush appears on the ice during snow storm

Allan Eustis sends along a satellite image for Dec. 30th which shows the lake frozen in but very thin in most areas.


photo of Lake Temagami

Ice – Dec 20

Loons gather the last week of November before winter flight south

First snow on the dock – Nov. 29

No footprints means no overnight visitors.

No footprints means no overnight visitors.