July 5, 2018 Forest Fire Update

Peter Healy reports that fires are still burning around Lake Temagami. While no new fires were reported yesterday the smell of smoke is in the air. MNRF helicopters, spotter planes and water bombers were in evidence again yesterday.

With a forcast today of temperatures again in the 30+ C range and with potential thunderstorms forcast for this afternoon it promises to be an interesting day.

Temagami fire chief Jim Sanderson reported yesterday as follows:

I was assured that MNR have crews working on all the fires, some fires are responding better than others but there is no issues anticipated by MNR – one or two are being a little more difficult that the others.

I have been assured north bay MNR fire will contact me if there are any issues that would impact us.

Having this number of lighting fires pop up after a couple of thunderstorms is not unusual. All fires are being actioned- prioritizing resources (water bombers/ helo-bucketing) based on fire behaviour and values in the area. This is what MNR Fire does, and they are exceptionally good at what they do.


Burning permits are suspended- recreational campfires still permitted as the Municipal bylaw only applies on private land – I cannot justify telling a cottage owner they can’t have a campfire on their property, yet in the same breath indicate the recreational camper on the Crown campsite can have a fire.

MNRF Forest Fire Maps for northeast Ontario are accessible online here: