July 9, 2018 Midnight Fire Update from Temagami

From Temagami Councillor Councillor Dan O’Mara:

Sorry for delay, but I was in Town and was Acting Mayor working with the Emergency Committee being handled by Brian Koski. The Fire Situation in Town seems to be holding for the night.. Note the two information releases from the Emergency Committee below.. The fire near the Access Road seems to have let up a bit as the Access Road is Travelable.. Hwy 11 is still open but tomorrow this could change based on how the Fire close to Town reacts. The Local Fire Department along with Fire Departments from a number of neighboring Communities are patrolling areas near the Fire to try and ensure the Fire will not spread. Additional MNR Resources are arriving tomorrow and throughout the week… Martin River also seem to be have their issues. We seem to be in good hands..

Municipality of Temagami Statement – Updated Fire Situation in
Temagami at 9 pm July 8, 2018 – From Acting Mayor Dan O’Mara.
Emergency Management Committee met at 8:30 p.m.
Mandatory Evacuation Order from Temagami Shores at South end
of the town to Jesse Lake remains in effect along with evacuation
standby for areas around or near fire zone near the Town of

Reports from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry are
that fire crews are making progress and will continue working the
fire until dark and will resume attack efforts at dawn. There are
additional crews and resources on route.

Other local fire departments have sent resources to the town and
will be coordinating efforts with the Temagami Fire Department and
the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. We have also been
contacted by a number of our neighbouring communities who have
offered their support.

The Emergency Management Committee will hold a meeting at 9
am Monday morning to update the situation.

If you have concerns please call Dan O’Mara 705-237-8460 or
Brian Koski at 705-569-4522.