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Most people will need the default Class A membership. Please read the description below for details of other Classes of membership. You will provide the rest of your contact details at checkout. If you have had a membership and account before, this may already be in the system and just needs to be verified.

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Why join the TLA?

Our recent membership survey told us clearly the two most important issues for TLA members are lake-water quality and protection of the Tenets. We monitor all development applications and/or legislation that may pose a threat to the Tenets for Temagami. When necessary we hire the services of a professional planning consultant.

Every summer, two qualified university students are hired specifically to develop and implement a comprehensive water testing program that allows us to measure water quality indicators and to track changes over the years. These two students work for us from May through September on the following projects:

  • implementing a protocol for a proper scientific water quality monitoring program and reporting the results of these studies to members
  • inspecting over 150 campsites, especially with respect to potential effects on water quality of human waste, and building effective privies to install where appropriate
  • working with “Friends of Temagami’ on brushing the Temagami Island trails
  • managing our summer office at the TLA Headquarters building and providing member services during July and August

The Temagami Lakes Association offers many services for its members including:

Services at the TLA headquarters building including access and privileges to:
1. on-site, high-speed, wireless internet service
2. daily mail delivery service to the building
3. pay phone
4. meeting rooms
5. TLA operated store for navigational maps, environmentally-friendly soap products and other Temagami items
6. VHF radio service
7. lending library

  • copy of the Temagami Times three times a year including the annual TLA Membership Directory listing members and local resources
  • a very reasonably-priced property-patrol service through which members’ cottages and properties are checked up to four (4) times per year
  • fire pump access and listings
  • social events
  • historical archives

Environmental initiatives and advocacy on other issues important to our members are core functions of the Temagami Lakes Association. These include:

Water-quality work is an important, but expensive, initiative. Temagami Environmental Research and Stewardship (TERAS) has taken on the role of completing annual water testing at various sites on the Lake.  The financial support of our members is key and reinforces what we learned in our 2019 member survey – that maintaining the quality of our Lake water is paramount to TLA members.

Through its “Class A”, “Class F” (Family) and “Class D” (Junior, under 18 years-of-age) membership categories, the TLA makes it possible for people to financially support the organization and its many activities, and be listed in our Membership Directory. Are there people in your family who could support the efforts of the TLA through an additional Family or Junior membership? Please add their names to your membership form (above).